Our History


Ron Bollig - Sears Appliance Center 1969

Ron Bollig began his appliance career with Sears & Roebuck in 1963.  Ron was awarded the "Appliance Salesman of The Year" award in 1969.


Ron Bollig with the Maytag man. 

Ron Bollig, founder of B & B Appliances with Jesse White a.k.a. The Maytag Man in 1976.


Started selling appliances in a garage in 1980.

 Looking to follow a dream of self-employment, Ron Bollig, his son Mike Bollig as well as

Mylert Benjamin "Ben" began selling appliances from their garages.

Ron Bollig selling appliances out of his garage.

Ron Bollig.


The grand opening of B & B Appliances in 1980.

Ron and Ben officially opened the doors of their first retail location in 1985 at 514 E. Dunlap. 

First B & B Appliances location with a Santa balloon.

Festive cold air balloons, courtesy of Mike Bollig frequently made an appearance on the rooftop of B & B to bring in more business.


Mike Bollig with three kids. 

Mike Bollig becomes an integral part of B & B Appliances and transitions from appliance

delivery management to general management.


Original Pix Theatre - 1948 B & B Appliances relocates to 331 E. Dunlap. 

The business relocates to 331 E. Dunlap in historic Pix Theatre building.


Mike becomes sole owner of B & B.

Ron and Ben retire as Mike becomes sole owner of B & B Appliances.


B & B Appliances crew in 2009.

Group photo of the entire B & B Appliances crew in 2009.


Store Front Before The Remodel

B & B Appliances undergoes a major showroom remodel.  The photo above shows the building before construction began.

During Construction  During Construction  During Construction

Demolition reveals antique signage from former building occupants. 

After Remodel

Construction completes with new signage and a modern retro theme.