Speed Queen

Speed Queen Platinum Dealer B & B Appliances

B & B Appliances is an authorized Speed Queen dealer, and is proud to offer quality Full Line of Speed Queen In Stock!Speed Queen washers and dryers to the Phoenix area. Speed Queen products are constructed with quality as a major focus and are designed to last. We have the full line of Speed Queen products in our HUGE showroom and IN STOCK for fast delivery.

Top-Load Washer Features

  • Deep Fill Wash/Rinse - Wash/Rinse better with a full-fill water level.
  • True Hot Wash - Straight hot water fill that is NOT mixed with cold water.
  • Extra Large Capacity - Constructed of commercial grade, long life, 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Ungoverned 820 RPM Spin Speed Extraction - Higher extraction than all other traditional top-load washers and some smart sensing high-efficiency washers. This results in shorter dry time.
  • True Commercial Construction - All metal gears protected with synthetic oil.
  • 10,400 Life Cycle Test - Tested to last 25 years.

Dryer Features

  • Cylinder - 7.0 cu ft commercial galvanized steel reduces static and does not absorb dyes like painted cylinders can. Clothing is protected from rust.
  • Axial Airflow - Hot air is drawn from the rear of the cylinder and through the clothes before exiting through the front of the dryer cylinder.
  • Extended Vent Capabilities - 220 CFM enables vent runs up to 65 feet in a straight run.
  • Large Door opening - A large 2.06 cu ft door opening and 180° side swing reversible door makes unloading easy.
  • 10,400 Life Cycle Test - Tested to last 25 years.
  • Smaller width - Dryer cabinet width of 26 1/8" and pair width of 52 1/2". Speed Queen washers and dryers fit in places the competitors' machines cannot.

Best Warranty Coverage in the Industry5-Year Speed Queen Warranty

  • 3, 5 OR 7 YEAR (Model Dependent) - Parts and Labor
  • 15 YEAR - Transmission
  • 5 YEAR - Motor
  • LIFETIME - Outer Drain Tub & Stainless Steel Wash Tub
  • 5 YEAR - Cabinet Rust through Inside to Out

Commercial Application Warranty

  • 3 YEAR - Parts only

See how the superb cleaning action of the  Speed Queen washer compares to  top competing H.E. brands.